Sugar Skull Decoration

Introduction: Sugar Skull Decoration

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As many of you know, Dia de los Muertos is Spanish for Day of the Dead. And this project, in honor of the holiday and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, I want to demonstrate how to do a sugar skull decoration that you can use to decorate your table for Halloween and at any time of the year when you want to add some colorful skull magic in your home! Plus, you can do this decoration within your own pace! No rush necessary!

This is actually a 3D interpretation of Mark Montano's "Sugar Skull Plates" project.

Check out this link: and you'll see why!

Step 1: Materials

To get started, you will need...

  • a blank skull sculpture (you can buy one from a craft or home decor store, make one out of clay or use one that you might have already made; I am using the skull sculpture made from one of my sculpture classes)
  • white spray paint (or you can use regular white acrylic paint and sponge brush)
  • assorted acrylic paints
  • paint brushes
  • stencils (not pictured; optional)
  • spray varnish (optional)

Step 2: Paint Your Skull

To start, place your skull sculpture on your work surface covered with old newspaper. Now, take some of your white spray paint and spray your entire skull with white. Set that out to dry. You can also use some white acrylic paint and a sponge brush if you have the time!

Step 3: Add Color and Shine

Once dry, you're ready to paint it again, this time with bright colors. You can also add stencils on your sugar skull to make it look even more festive. You can even look at a picture of a sugar skull to use as a guide or for inspiration! For my sugar skull, I used some inspiration from a face painting design of a sugar skull taken from face painter Josje Wolters from the book Just For Fun Faces 2.

When you're done, you can use some spray varnish to seal in the designs. Or you can leave it as it is!

Step 4: Display

Now, all you have to do is set your sugar skull prop on your table, and you're done! i Perfecto!

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