Introduction: Sugar Skull Headband and Makeup

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The eyeballs in the centre of the rose give this headband a unique, spooky, Halloween feel to it teheh.

Time: 2 hours for the headband, 1 hour for the makeup

Step 1: Materials

The glitter really makes the petals stand out. I inked the edges on a practice rose and it looked quite nice too.

Step 2: 16ths

Cut your paper in half, width wise twice, then into 4. You will have 16 pieces

Step 3: 1st Petals

First layer petals. Cut your 1/16 piece in half, then into a curved U shape. Make a slit at the tip of the curve, bend the flaps towards each other and glue into place. Bend the curved edge back on itself.

Step 4: 2nd Layer

For the rest of the layers, cut your pieces into a tear drop shape.

Second layer petals Cut 2 slits, one and the top of the curve and one at the bottom pointed tip. Bend then flaps inward and glue into place. Repeat for the top and bottom slits. Curve the top edge back on itself.

Step 5: 3rd Petals

Third layer petals. Cut 1 slit into the bottom pointy end of the teardrop. Again, Bend and glue into place. Use your thumb to help you curve the edge back.

Step 6: Constructing

First layer petals You need three (3) pieces. Glue into triangle formation on the eyeball.

Second layer petals You need five (5) pieces. Add glue onto 1 side of the petal, attach. For every consecutive petal, add glue onto the same 1 side, slip under the unglued side of the previous petal and press into place.

Third layer petals You need five (5) pieces. Repeat as you did with the second layer petals. Once complete, flip over and glue down the unglued side of the petal.

Add a 1 inch circle to the back of each rose. Glue onto your head band.

Step 7: Makeup

I learned this day that dollar store makeup does not give you a good look. Reminded me of this movie but I don't remember the title ><

Heavy concealer and white eyeshadow gave me awesome coverage. Paired with E.L.F's Pro Pallet and NYC's black eyeliner, this look was pretty simple to put together.

TIP: Google images to get inspired :)

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