Introduction: Sugar Skull Makeup

Sugar skull's are a sugar treat made for day of the dead or Dia de Los Muertos a Mexican holiday celebrated Nov 1st and 2nd. It's a day to celebrate and remember the life's of people who have passed away. Here is one way you can apply makeup to make yourself look like a sugar skull.

Step 1: Clean Face

Start off with a clean face. Just washed, before you put any product on it. So no lotion as it will make it so the makeup will smear or come off easier.

Step 2: Apply White Face

Apply your white face makeup.

I used Aquacolor that I bought at Kryolan a professional makeup store for $ 7.95. I recommend getting something similar. It is a glycerin-based product that is very easy to a apply with a few drops of water. It is easily removed with soap and water. It is much better to use that a white face makeup you would buy from your Halloween store because those are more likely to be transparent and will not stick to your skin, therefore with smudge when you begin to apply the rest of your makeup.

I chose to use a thick paint brush I bought at the art store but you can also use your foundation brush. Then to blend it in for a soft effect I used my foundation blending brush.

Important: Do not apply makeup to the area around the eyes or on the nose because if you do when you go in with your black makeup it will blend with the white and turn gray.

Step 3: Apply Eyes and Nose

I used the same product, Aquacolor, that I used for the white face makeup. I used a paint brush instead of one of my makeup brushes because this type of makeup grabs on a paint brush better and therefore apples on the skin better. You can use a makeup pallet or tin foil to mix your product with a few drops of water in order to make the product playable.

Step 4: Detail

You can use a black liquid liner for cleaner edges around the eyes and nose.

Step 5: Colored Eyes

Next using the blue Aquacolor, or any color you like, and a round tipped brush, mix with a few drops of water and apply outline of color around the eye. It also helps to smooth, blend and hold in place if you go in with a powered eyeshadow of the same color, using circular motions on top of the color.

Step 6: Detail the Eyes

When adding the thin black bumps around the eye I tried using liquid liner, black pencil liner and aqua color. The liquid liner would not always come out as smooth and I felt like I had more control with the eye liner pencil. But you may have a totally different experience so you may want to experiment. After applying the black detail I went in with a little bit of blue aqua color and dabbed a small amount in each bump. I then went back and added glitter on top of the wet color so that it would stick.

Step 7: Spider Web and Lashes

Taking my black liquid liner I drew a line down the center of her forehead and made marker points where I wanted the web to fan out to. After I drew it in with the liquid I went back over it with the pencil to make sure it stayed and to make it darker. I chose ling blue glitter lashes for this look but it's up to you what kind or if you even with to apply at all. Using my lash glue and my lash tweezers I carefully press the lashes down onto he lid as close to her real lashes that I can safely get.

Step 8: Mouth

Using the same method of applying the black on the eyes, liquid liner than pencil, I carefully draw a thin line from one cheek to the other to show where I will draw on the teeth. Carefully add the teeth using just black eye liner pencil for control. Then with a small shading brush go around each tooth with the blue aqua color and then with blue shadow.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

This part is optional. I took small gems from a nail art kit, you can use anything from more glitter to rune stones to sequence. And add them to different parts of the face. I chose to add some to the web. And then your done!