Introduction: Suger Cube Art

This is a project we used to do on all of our birthday parties when we were kids. It's fun and easy and it's allows you to explore.

The process itself is really simple. All you do is putting a colored sugar cube in water. But by experimenting with color and positions you will always end up with different results.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

- a bowl with water (everything which is white and can hold water can be used)

- sugar cubes

- liquid colors

I use ink because it gives you the storngest colors but watercolors gives you good results, too. I tried food dye but mine was quite thick so it didn't spread the way I wanted it but I'm comfortable that liquid food coloring will work.

- a brush

Step 2: Color the Cubes

Use your liquid color to dye one side of a sugar cube. Most times I color the biggest side of the sugar cube but there not really any difference if you decide that you want another one.

Step 3: Place Them

Put the sugar cubes with the colored side down into the water.

In cold water it may take some time until the sugar cubes dissolves but it warm water you can see them to break down just after a few seconds.

The color will spread at the bottom of your bowl and it will create a pattern around the cube.

Do not stir the water until you are done! Otherwise you will destroy your artwork and you will get only water in an undefined color.

Step 4: Experiment!

Be curious and try out different things.

-What happens if you place two cubes next to each other a the same time?

-What effect has a sugar cube without any color?

-Use sticks or tooth picks to create a pattern.

-Try out two colors on one sugar cube.

-Give the colors obstacles

-Figure out the difference between the pattern in hot and cold water (be careful with hot water)

There are endless possibilities. Just explore and have fun :)

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