Introduction: Sugru CO2 Organizer

The more you ride a bicycle the more likely it is to get a flat tire. It is a good idea to carry the tools needed to fix a flat tire (tire levers, spare tube, multi-tool, etc). I do not carry a pump, instead carry a small CO2 nozzle and two CO2 cartridges in a seat bag. I carry two cartridges because of the situation where one was not enough and it took a long time for help to arrive.

This Instructable was made possible by the nice people at sending our makerspace some Sugru.  Thanks!

Step 1: CO2 Cartridges Are Sharp!

The threads on a CO2 cartridge are sharp!  They rub and cut on other stuff in the bag including the nozzle.  Look how chewed up my nozzle is from bouncing around in the bag! 

You do not want to compromise the spare tube or other tools in the seat bag.  That is where the Sugru comes in.

Step 2: What You Need

Here is all the stuff I used to make a CO2 holder out of Sugru:

* Two gloves

* Two rubber bands

* One packet of Sugru

* Wax paper to keep Sugru off the counter top

* Two CO2 containers

* One CO2 nozzle

Step 3: Create the CO2 Organizer

Put on the rubber gloves.  The gloves will keep your hands clean and not get finger prints on the final product.

Put the rubber bands around the CO2 cartridges to hold them steady.  I made sure they were even and level.  I test fit the nozzle in there to see how to orient the final product.

Cut open the Sugru package and rolled it on the wax paper to the size of a small pencil.

Wrap the cylinder around the threaded ends of the CO2 containers.

Place the nozzle and adjust as needed to cover the threaded ends and make the rest hold the nozzle in place.

Finish the mold and clean up the edges as needed.

Wait for the Sugru to cure and put the whole package in the seat bag.  The ends are safe and the nozzle does not move around. 

That is it, you are done, now go outside and ride your bike!