Sugru Ceramic Fix!

Introduction: Sugru Ceramic Fix!

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My ceramic bowl was placed down too hard, one too many times and broke perfectly in half, so instead of throwing it away I decided to fix it and add some extra features to prevent it from breaking again using Sugru - here are the steps to how I did it.

Step 1: Equipment

You will need:

**Broken Ceramic Bowl

**Sugru: Self-setting Rubber

Step 2: Application

The bowl was rather thin, so I rolled out a strip of Sugru, approximately 4mm in diameter and 12cm in length. I then took one half of the bowl and, following the shape of the broken surface, stuck the Sugru on the face of the broken surface.

Step 3: Joining

Once the Sugru had been placed on the one half of the ceramic bowl, I aligned the other half of the ceramic bowl to the other where it needed to be mended. Once it was correctly aligned, I then pushed the two halves together to apply pressure and compress the Sugru. The ceramic bowl was then left for - roughly - 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes had passed I removed the excess Sugru off the ceramic bowl to ensure a smooth finish on the bowl, to avoid lumps and bumps.

Step 4: Adding New Features to Prevent Reoccurence& Prevent Future Damage

To avoid the bowl from breaking again, ''legs'' were added on the bottom as holders to avoid the constant surface-to-surface damage between the bowl and the counter-top.

With the remaining Sugru, I took the desired amount and equaled it into four pieces. I formed these pieces into balls, while rolling them slightly to provide more of an oval-type shape, as can be seen in the image. I equally spaced and placed the four pieces of Sugru on the base of the, now mended, ceramic bowl, as can also be seen in the image provided.

The ceramic bowl was then left for 24 hours to set.

Step 5: Finished Product

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