Introduction: Sugru Dash Mount for Electronics

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On long trips, and even just driving around town, I like to have my mp3 player on hand.  I can't go far without my favorite podcasts like the Skeptic's Guide, StarShipSofa, and the Drabblecast to keep me busy!

In the past, the player has ended up dropped in the passenger seat, shoved in the glove box, or even on a lanyard around my neck, all to make sure it's nearby if I need to skip a track or pause it or something.  But no more!  With just a few minutes work with some sugru, I've got a mount on my dash that exactly conforms to the shape of my mp3 player. 

This project should work just as well for a phone, iPod, media player, or whatever electronics you'd like to have within easy reach while driving! 

Here's a little demonstration video with making instructions:

Step 1: Testing the Area

This should be done a day or two before starting this project. 

It's a good idea to test if the sugru will bond to your dash, as it doesn't form a permanent bond with all materials.  I had plenty of othersugrurelatedprojects going on, so during one of them I pinched off a piece and stuck it to an inconspicuous part of my car's dashboard. I checked it in a couple of days, and it was pretty hard to remove!  I'm glad I did it in an out of sight area, as it left a minor scar in the vinyl after being removed.

You may want to consider that, as if you ever remove this mount it may leave some minor scuff marks on your dashboard!  I'm not overly concerned, as my car's 13 years old and not worth that much anyway, but for those of you highfalutin folks with yer fancy new horseless carriages, this may be an issue.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

  • 1 packet of sugru
  • Your mp3 player (or other electronic device)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Knife or sharp awl
  • Scissors
Make sure when you get started that you've got the hot glue gun plugged in and within easy reach, as you'll need it right away!  Also, clean and dry the area before sticking any sugru to it.

Step 3: Building the Mount

***UPDATE 10/15:  User projectsugru points out that if you wrap the player in plastic wrap first, removing the sugru later is much easier.***

Find a position on the dash you like and open your sugru packet.  Split it in half, set one half aside and then split the other into four roughly equal balls.  Each ball should go on one corner of the mp3 player, avoiding any ports, buttons, lanyards, etc.  Wrap the sugru just over the edge of the player.

Place the mp3 player into position.  Taking the rest of the sugru, build up each corner until it rests firmly on the dash.  Smooth the edges and press them against the dashboard (see the pictures below).

At this point, once you've smoothed the sugru into a shape you like, you're pretty much done, but there's a problem.  The sugru is soft and won't hold in this position with the weight of your mp3 player on it.  Remember that hot glue gun?  Place a dab of hot glue on each side of the player.  Hot glue is usually pretty nice for this sort of thing, it won't adhere too strongly to the dash, but it will last long enough to let the sugru cure.  I forgot about this part, but luckily a friend showed up just as I was trying to figure a way to balance a cardboard box under the player long enough to get my glue gun.

Step 4: Remove the Mp3 Player

Let the sugru cure over a few hours or overnight.  Using your thumbnail, a small flathead screwdriver, and/or a sharp awl, carefully peel the sugru off the mp3 player.  The goal is to get it off the mp3 player without accidentally peeling it off the dashboard.

Once I was done, I had to clean up the player a bit where the sugru had stuck to it, but it wasn't so bad.  The final result looks a little weird when you don't have the device in place, but it looks fine otherwise!

Step 5: Final Thoughts

Alright, all done!  This is another great little hack that shows the versatility of sugru as a product.  I've used it in several of my recent projects, as well as for a number of small repairs around the house that didn't deserve their own instructables.  The only time I was disappointed was when I found that it doesn't bond well to fimo.

Thank you as always for stopping by to check out my instructable.  Please take a moment to leave me a comment and/or a rating, and of course subscribe as I have plenty more in the works!  As with all of my instructables, if you make your own version of this, please post some pictures in the comments and I'll send you a digital patch!

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