Introduction: Sugru Earrings

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By Ayesha Kapadia

The material is magical. It has countless possibilities. I really enjoy toying with different materials and textures. And something like SUGRU allows for materialization of certain ideas and fuels the making process for people like me. I decided to create a pair of earrings with the help of SUGRU.

Things I used:

1. 2 twigs.

2. Bits of broken ceramic.

3. 2 hexagon nuts.

4. 2 fenders.

5. A pair of earing posts and backs .

(can alternatively use a pair of simple stud earrings)


The materials I picked are based on my aesthetic sensibilities. However, one can use any lightweight materials for this task. For eg: tiny plastic toys, coins, beads, lego blocks, bottle caps, buttons, bits of wood, etc. Just about anything you fancy. The following steps will lead you to your first pair of self-made SUGRU earrings:

Step 1: Step 1: Preparation

Break off the required amount of SUGRU and make two flat beds of the desired shape from the ball of SUGRU. In this case I made two long rectangular strips.

Attach the earing post to the north-back (the top bit, but the back side) of the SUGRU strip.

Step 2: Step 2

Arrange all your elements on the strips of SUGRU. In this case, I lined up the fender, the hex nut, the twig and the bits of ceramic on the strip of SUGRU.

TIP: Arrange the pieces in such a way that doesn’t allow the SUGRU to show through.

Press all these pieces down firmly into place.

(This is the most important step. Make sure all your pieces are lodged into the thickness of the SUGRU strip. What the SUGRU will do is bond to these pieces and hold it in place. Much like cementing tiles onto a sidewalk.)

Step 3: Step 3: Waiting

Let it dry overnight. Show off your awesome new earrings!!

Note: This is a basic instructable.But the possibilities are endless. SUGRU allows for many combinations and sticks to almost everything. Happy making!