Sugru Flower Razor Holder




Introduction: Sugru Flower Razor Holder

Going for a cute and functional Sugru project with this flower-shaped razor holder...

Step 1: Materials

All you need is 3 -4 packs of Sugru (differnt colors), a little piece of wax paper and a razor that needs holdin'.

Step 2: Base

Roll out top half of black Sugru into a thick strand. Flatten the other half.

Step 3:

  • Roll out orange Sugru into a thin rope
  • Cut 3" pieces (5)
  • Cut 2 1/2" pieces (5)
  • Form petals by folding longer pieces over shorter ones

Step 4: Holder

Roll out green Sugru, wrapping around the razor to measure correct width. Form ends into leaves and press together, forming the holder.

Step 5: Flower Center

Make a tiny ball from the blue* Sugru and place in the middle of the flower. An extra bit of black or green could also be used here if you don't want to open another pack for a tiny piece

Step 6: Hook

  • Turn over flower
  • Bend top piece over into a hook
  • Place a piece of wax paper between both ends so that the hook will not stick together
  • Flip over a leave to cure overnight

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