Introduction: Sugru LED Keyboard Light

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For those of you who don't have fancy laptops with backlit keyboards here is a simple trick which will make your keyboard light up. On some old laptops there used to be a small led which was there for lighting the keyboard. We are going to use 5 bright LEDs in order to light the keyboard. For those of you who say that 5 are too much, don’t worry. We added a potentiometer so that the light can be dimmed.

Here is what you need:
5 white leds (if you want it can be some other color too)
Some old usb gadget with cable which is not working. Just use the cable to connect the LEDs to it
1 potentiometer

Start by soldering the legs of the leds on to another like we did in the schematic. In the place of a resistor put a potentiometer. Use just two of the legs, the middle one and one more. When you finish with that connect the longer legs of the leds to the “+” wire of the usb cable you have. You can use a multimeter to check which one the positive is. After that connect the “-” wire to the other legs of the leds. Check if it is working. If everything is ok take the sugru of whichever color you like and put it all around the leds. Finally make two small hooks with the sugru and attach them to the back of the leds. That’s it. Wait until the sugru hardens and use you are ready to go.
Good luck and have fun :-)