Introduction: Sugru LED Torch Keyring

This is a LED torch keyring made out of Sugru. It was done as part of a Sugru build night at our local Hack Space ( where the idea was to 'make' things out of Sugru. I'm sure it works out cheaper just to go out and buy a torch keyring, but if you want something personalised or like to make things for yourself, this may be just the torch for you.

Step 1: Collect Materials

To make this torch, you will need :-

  • 2x 5g Sugru Sachets
  • 1 LED
  • CR2016 button cell battery
  • 6cm piece of electrical wire
  • 0.5cm piece of insulation stripped from some wire
  • 2x 1cm square pieces of cardboard

Step 2: Connect LED and Battery

Find some scrap wire and strip a small piece of its insulation off it, approx. 0.5 cm. Slide the piece of insulation over the shorter LED leg. This is the negative leg. Now slide the battery between the LED legs so that the dimbled side is facing the leg with the piece of insulation. The positive side of the battery faces the longer LED leg. The small piece of insulation is the trick that keeps the LED turned off. It holds the negative leg just far enough away so that it does not make contact with the battery.

Step 3: Keyring Loop

Take the 6cm piece of wire and twist it together to make a loop. This is going to be the loop to hang on a keyring.

Step 4: Prepare Sugru

Take the two sachets of 5g Sugru and roll into two balls. Flatten the balls to make two discs about 3cm wide. Now take the wire loop and press it into one of the Sugru discs so that the twisted part is embedded but the loop hangs out.

Step 5: Insert LED and Battery

Now take one small piece of cardboard and place it over the positive side of the LED and battery. This is the side with the longer leg and the side of the battery with writing on it. I find it helps to slightly fold the card. Now hold the LED, battery and card together and press into the Sugru disc with the wire loop in it. Make sure the base of the LED is held by the Sugru with the top of the LED sticking out. The small piece of card is needed to stop the leg of the LED sinking into the Sugru.

Step 6: Sugru Sandwich

Put the other small piece of card on top of the negative side (I forgot to take a picture of this step). This is the side with the small piece of wire insulation on the leg. Now place the other Sugru disc on top to form a kind of Sugru sandwich. Squash down the edges and mould to a shape of your liking. I kept mine circular.

Step 7: The Finished Keyring

This is the finished product after leaving to dry for 24 hours on top of some cling film. Now squeeze the flat sides and the torch should light. Have fun!