Introduction: Sugru Lighter Grip

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I have a torch lighter that i bought from EMS a few months ago. It works pretty well, however it has a few issues. The black material around the edges of the lighter scratch very easily, and the whole thing is fairly slippery. Since I'd rather not drop my fancy lighter off a cliff, I decided to hack it with Sugru! This hack makes it a lot easier to hold, plus it looks good too! You could use a Sugru substitute if you want, but regular Sugru is perfect for this. If you want to buy some you can get it here: They are based in England, But shipping to the U.S is cheap because it's lightweight. Now for a quick safety warning

Note: Please avoid unintentional conflagration of any substance. Translation: Don't light yourself on fire. Please!

With that silly disclaimer aside, lets get on with the actual Instructable.

Step 1: Gather Materials

As you may have guessed this step covers materials that will be used for this project. There aren't many things needed for this handy little hack.

List of Materials:
1 pack of Sugru, any color will do
A lighter that you wish to awesomify (I don't think that's an actual word). 
A couple of legos. This will hold the lighter while the Sugru cures. More about this later.
A spring or something else that can be used to imprint the Sugru, you'll see.

A pair of scissors
An Exacto knife (sorry, no pic).

Step 2: Open and Shape the Sugru

The first step on the road to hacking a lighter is to open the Sugru. Before you do, wash your hands but leave them a bit damp. This will keep it from sticking to your hands too badly. Cut along the dotted lines and peel away your Sugru. At this point, you have 30 minutes to work, so get to it!

Molding the Sugru is as simple as rolling it between your fingers to get the shape you want. I wanted a long thin snake, since our goal here is to cover the edges of the lighter. This stuff will turn your fingers a bit blue, but it washes off, don't worry. 

Step 3: Molding the Sugru and Texturing

Now for the fun part: The actual shaping of the Sugru. The basic idea of this step is to tear pieces off your snake, and add them to the edges of the lighter. There is some technique here. A little bit of Sugru goes a long way, and also try not to touch any you have put down, as it messes up the edges. Try to keep the edges as smooth and straight as possible, it will reduce the amount of trimming you have to do later on. Once you have covered as much of the lighter as you want, it's time to move on to texturing. Take an object with an interesting pattern and press it against the Sugru. It only takes light pressure to imprint it, so don't push to hard. I used the edge of a spring, but anything with texture could work (knurled metal, wire mesh, etc). Once you are done, put it up on some legos, making sure nothing touches the Sugru while it is drying. Them wait 24 hours, which is the recommended curing time. 

Step 4: Clean-Up

After 24 hours, go and find your lighter. The Sugru should have cured into a tough, semi-flexible silicon rubber. At this stage it can be carved or otherwise worked upon, if you want to do your detailing when it's cured. If it has all the design you want, you can move on to clean up. Take an Exacto knife and run along the edges, trimming any irregularities in the Sugru. Remember, we're going for nice clean lines here. When you are satisfied, blow off the shavings and be proud, you have successfully hacked your lighter! Thanks for reading, and if you liked it, don't forget to vote for it in the contests! 

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