Introduction: Sugru Locker Shelf

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I needed a another shelf for my locker, but school rules state that you are not allowed to put anything permanent in your locker. Since Sugru sticks to most everything, but is also removable, I thought it would be the perfect material to use to make a shelf! Let's get started.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  1. 2 small Sugru packages
  2. A piece of wood the size of your locker (see next step)
  3. A Locker to put the shelf in.
That is all you need to get you started on your new locker shelf!

Step 2: Measure Your Locker and Cut the Wood

Measure the dimensions of your locker, and cut a piece of wood to fit it. My locker was about 12"x12". Yours may be different. Sorry, I don't have a picture of this.

Step 3:

Open a pack of Sugru and divide it into two equal parts. Roll 1 part at a time in your hands to form two balls. Stick the balls to one side of your locker, making sure they are the same height. It doesn't have to be perfect, after all, you would probably look a little weird bringing a level to school!

Open the other package of Sugru and repeat, also making sure that everything is relatively level. Form everything into cone shapes, and leave it to dry overnight. Don't forget to close your locker!

Step 4: Paint Shelf (Optional)

If you want to, (I didn't) you can paint your shelf. Maybe you could use a Graffiti pen, or maybe make a 3D-effect stencil. Be creative!

Step 5: Insert Shelf

The last step is to put the shelf in your locker! Now you have another shelf, and the school can't get mad at you for putting something permanent in there! Works for gym lockers too!

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