Sugru Marker Hook

Introduction: Sugru Marker Hook

Tired of always looking for the white board markers at Makerspace Urbana, and having some Sugru on hand - I created a marker hook, and modified a marketer to hang well.

Step 1: Create the Hook

Take a bit of sugru and flatten about 1 inch into a strip (about 1/2 inch wide), leave plenty on the end not formed as a strip.

Roll the other end into a "snake".

Step 2: Place Hook on Board

To place the hook on the board, first let the Sugru cure a bit, if it is too "fresh" it will droop and not want to stay. Make sure to check back every once in a while for the first hour or so to fix any drooping. Once the Sugru cures a bit, it will stay just fine.

When you place it, bend the flat end over the back of the whitebaord, so it forms an upside down "U" over the board edge. Bend the "snake" part into a hook. Play with it until it is shaped well for your uses.

Step 3: Make the Marker Hangable

First prepare the marker by drilling a hole in through the marker, a short distance from the top (or back), so it goes through the outside into where the cap holder is.

Then make a very thin "snake" of Sugru that will fit into the hole, and insert it into the hole you drilled in the marker. Flatten the inside bit of Sugru to help hold the Sugru to the marker.

Using the remaining Sugru make an "eye" so you can hang the marker on the board.

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