Introduction: Sugru Modded Mulitester Case

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I worked at Radio Shack in the early 90s.  While I worked there I also liked to work on my cars.  I would wire up radios, speakers, fix old wiring and such.  On a 1974 Charger, there was always something to do :)  This meant that I needed a multi-tester so I could trace wires and test grounds.  So I bought one and it has worked great for 20 years.  That was until I left a batter in too long and it leaked/corroded the contacts.  Luckily the AA batter compartment was well separated and only the leads got ruined.  It was not worth my while to try to clean so I decided to just mount the trusty tester into a new case!

Step 1: The Case

For a while I pondered what I was going to use for a new case.  I wanted something pretty cool but didn't want to spend any money on it.  I tend to keep containers from things 'just in case' (pardon the unintentional pun) and I noted that I had a Ferrero Rocher container.  Yes, that will do nicely.  It's also large enough to store some extra stuff in it, like the manual and the leads for the tester too.

Now, this was thin plastic.  How would I cut out the hole without busting it all to crap.  Ah ha!  I'll use my soldering iron to melt it out!  Worked like a charm!

Step 2: Add Sugru & Mount Tester

I used 3 packets of Sugru for this.  I rolled it out (using the trimmed off plastic from the Galaxy Tab Sugru attempt) and lined it around the edge.  Then simply just placed the top half of the tester case on it and press-filled in the gaps.

Also having learned about using the Sugru package for smoothing, I went to town to make this as reasonably decent as possible.

I forgot to buy some AA batteries so could not finish this properly.  Will update this when I do so.  I am planning on making a "Sugru battery holder".  Stay tuned for the update on that.
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