Introduction: Sugru Pill Bottle Hack

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I have a family member with arthritis who has a hard time opening their pill bottles. This hack uses Sugru to help them open the bottles much easier.

If you or your family member gets the same pills every month, you can toss the new one out and use the hacked one instead.

Step 1: Items Needed

What you need for this Hack:
2 Five Gram Sugru Sachets
Pill Bottle with its cap cleaned

What you might want :
Water on your fingers to keep them from sticking to the Sugru

Step 2: Prepare Sugru

To prepare the Sugru:
Wash your hands
Open the sachets
Roll it in your fingers

Step 3: Apply Sugru to Bottle Cap

Start rolling the Sugru into a snake form and start wrapping it around the bottle cap.
Try to get it as far into the crevices as possible to help it hold during use.
Vary the thickness of the Sugru to give additional grip.

Sugru needs to Cure for 24 hours before use.
It is also water proof and dishwasher safe once it cures.

Step 4: Finished Hack

Once its done curing you are good to go.
This Hack doesn't need to be applied to only pill bottles, it can also be used for soda bottles, and other types of hard to open bottles.

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