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Introduction: Sugru Spiderweb

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Sugru is great for window decorations. It clings to the glass but can be easily removed later.

Things like spider webs are surprisingly easy to make.

For this window decoration, I used:

1 1/2 packets of white Sugru (a certain kid decided to bite some of my Sugru packets, and the tiny holes cured half of what was in them)
less than 1 packet of black Sugru, preferably uncured (but I used cured stuff... see above)
soapy water
scissors if your black Sugru is already cured (in case you have naughty kids at home too)
a window

Step 1: Prepare the Sugru

Put a drop of soap into a container, then fill it with water. You'll want to dip your fingers in this to keep them from sticking to the Sugru. Make sure your hands are wet before you take the Sugru out of the packets.

Open the white Sugru packets (it's easiest to use scissors) and knead the Sugru with wet fingertips. Divide the white Sugru in half. Set one half aside and divide the other half into several smaller sections.

Don't open the black Sugru until the white part of the web is complete.

Step 2: Make the Spider Web Spokes

Take one of the tiny bits of white Sugru and roll it really thin. Place it on the (clean, dry) window in a straight line. I used a piece of the card the Sugru came on to gently nudge the line of white Sugru and make it straight. It's okay if the thin rope of Sugru pulls apart; just press the ends together once they're on the window.

Repeat this with another tiny bit of white Sugru. This time, place the line on the window so the midpoint is crossing the midpoint of the first line.

Keep going until you've made as many spokes in the spider web as you'd like.

Make sure to dip your fingertip in the water before pressing the Sugru rope against the glass, or you'll be swearing a lot as your delicate spider web sticks to your fingers and pulls away from the window. Make sure you don't use so much water on your fingers that it drips around the edges of the Sugru ropes and coats the window; that would keep it from sticking to the window.

Step 3: Add the Spiral

Roll out the reserved half of white Sugru into a really long, thin rope. It's okay to do this in sections. You can press the ends of the sections together when you attach it to the window.

Start in the center of the web near where all the spokes intersect. Gently press the end of the long rope of white Sugru into one of the spokes to hold it in place. Carefully spiral it around and around, working outward. Press the Sugru gently against the glass and the previously laid ropes of Sugru.

When you've used all the white Sugru and your web looks decent, take a tool (I used the blunt end of an xacto knife), dip it in water, and GENTLY push the sections of the spiral line inward toward the center where they aren't attached to the spokes. You'll want them to curve inward just slightly.

Step 4: Add the Spider

If your Sugru isn't cured, roll out 8 legs, then make a round body and smaller round head. Stick them together and stick the spider to the web.

If your Sugru is cured already, slice 8 legs with a scissors, then cut a body shape with the head attached. Stick these to the spider web before the white Sugru cures.

You should be done now. Thanks for reading!

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