Introduction: Sugru Tablet Dock Fix (TF201)

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At Fablab Breda(the Netherlands) I got the chance to play with Sugru!

The day before a part of my tablet dock broke off. I tried to fix it with superglue. But is was still wobbly.

So I added some Sugru support inside the slot where the tablet goes and on the underside of the slot.

I tried two different approaches to get a ±2mm layer of Sugru inside the slot. The first one failed, but the second one succeeded!

Step 1: First Try

I thought... maybe I could press a strip of sugru on the inside of the slot.

I stuck three lines of tape on the table, the middle as last so it is on top off other two.

The problem was: in the inside of the slide there is a small strip off felt. The sugru did not want the stuck to that. It came lose all the time.

So I tried a different approach!

Step 2: Second Try

I roll the Sugru to a small roll.

Then, put a small amount to Sugru on a screwdriver.

This way I could plaster the inside!

Step 3: All Done!

You can't see black sugru so well inside a black slot... But take it from me, my tablet Isn't so wobbly anymore!

Great Fix!