Introduction: Sugru USB Drive

You can use Sugru to build your one of a kind USB drive!

If you have an unimaginative USB drive laying around, you can take the circuit part and make a really cute cover for your USB drive.

Just your imagination is the limit.

Step 1: Get a USB Drive and Sugru

Get a plain USB drive and remove the electronics from its original container.

Go to and get a pack of any Sugru color of your choice.

Step 2: Form the Sugru

Think of a design for your USB drive...

Make a nice shape with the Sugru mass and form it into the shape of your USB drive.

Step 3: Let the Sugru Set!

Once you are satisfied with the shape, let the Sugru set overnight.

Step 4: Draw!

Draw anything you want on it with colored Sharpies and Voila! You have the cutest USB drive in the universe!!

Make sure you practice, and... also optionally you should add some small coat of varnish to protect your design!

Thanks for reading this.

This Instructable was made at the Hacknight hosted by H3 Laboratories at El Paso Texas, sponsored by Instructables and Sugru!