Introduction: Sugru Vase

In this example I used a square glass vase that I picked up from Ikea.

Step 1: Clean Vase

Clean the vase well with dish soap and water to get any finger prints or chemicals off the glass.

Step 2: Come Up With a Design

In my project I made green Sugru (by mixing yellow and blue) to make a flower stem, petals and blades of grass to decorate the vase.
Get creative, this is your project and you can do all elements in your style or copy what I have done.

Step 3: Smooth Out the Sugru

To smooth out lines or fingerprints in the Sugru you have placed on the glass. Put soapy water in a dish. Dip your finger in the water and smooth over the surface of the Sugru until you get to the smoothness you desire.
Remember to try and use all the Sugru within 30 minutes. Make more than one stem or in my case on the back I made loose coils.

Step 4: Leftovers From Other Sugru Projects

I have added on to this as I have other projects and have leftover that I do not want to waste. Over time you could have a vase full of different designs. The new added red coil is leftover from another project using Sugru.

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