Sugru Zipper Pull Replacements

Introduction: Sugru Zipper Pull Replacements

The first thing that always seems to break on a backpack is the zipper pull.  I don't know why, but mine always tear off within a few months.  Real big waste of a bag, and a real hassle to not have anymore.  I decided to use the power of Sugru to fashion new pulls!

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Step 1: Materials Required

We need:
  • One 5g sachet of Sugru
  • Two large paper clips (Steel)

Step 2: Attach Paper Clip and Mould Sugru

Attach the paper clip to the ring on the pull by simply hooking it on through the paper clips opening.

Mould the sugru around most of the body of the paper clip. Leave a clear ring at the end so it can move freely. 

If you want to, you can squeeze a hand-grip pattern into it with your thumb and index finger.  I left mine smooth.

Step 3: Let Dry

Wait 24 hours before you try to use it or it might break off.  To let it dry without it touching the backpack, use the Sugru packaging.

Step 4: Complete!

Test it out!  Repeat for as many pulls as you like.  One package of Sugru will do two pulls.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is an awesome Instructable! Really great idea.
    Both the jacket and trouser zips broke on my motorcycle gear about a month ago (kinda miffed at this as I paid £800 for them and they're only just out of warranty)
    The Sugru idea sounds like the perfect fix. :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I did this, too. Great minds think alike.
    Works great on kids snow boot zips, too. Bigger zips so hands with mittens can close them. I use orange so my kids can find the grip easily.