Introduction: SugruBot

hello, this is my first instructables on sugru.
i just recieved my 9 packs of sugru for september hack night

. it is really fun to play with it.

it reminds me of my small age when i use to play with clay.

Step 1: Gathering Material

now lets go to the making. no for the bot we need

1.old cd or any thing convinient

2.two BO plastic motors lesser the rpm the better

3.markers,rulers, toolsetc

4. sugruuuu

i have one principle, pictures explain more than words. so watch for the pictures..

Step 2: Basic Design

hello, now here we divide the cd into two equal half by means of a ruler and a marker. it is to maintain the weight of the bot.

now place the two motors in the line so that it is alligned easily

if not just adjust so it looks balanced.

remember again use low rpm motor. sugru bot is so soft like a bunny.

Step 3: Getting Hands Dirty

now here i am not gonna tell you how to open the sugru cover and roll it and apply it in the motors attaching the cd

remember to use a glove if you are so allergic. i have rough hands, so i can use bare hands.

after u have done with it. make sure its all set

Step 4: Wheels

now for the bot to move. we obviously need a pair of wheel. its ur own creativity to design several designs of wheel.

quick secret: use some old metal wires to make a basic skeleton and apply sugru.

not for the motor head to enter which is bit odd shaped.

use a normal screw driver and make a hole as per the shaft u have

Step 5: Final Setup

final setup must look like that.

can also be based on ur creativity

Step 6: Curing

now its time for curing. there is no shortcut for curing. u have to wait atleast 12hour to cure.

i tried on hot sun, still no use.

so keep waitingg

Step 7: Final Bot

now what. go assemble ur bot and play with it.

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