Introduction: Suicide Squad Skull - DIY Craft

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Hello friends,

Welcome all the craft lovers, and instructable members and viwers.

In today's instructable I am gonna show you how to make a very simple DIY craft.

It is a skull craft inspired from the hollywood movie Suicide Squad.

Everybody is preety exited about every legendary epics, so here is one.

There is no tough job for you guys, just you need to be patience and be creative.

so stay tuned.

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

So, friends you'll only need few things for this project mentioned below ....

1. Thermocol (1 inch )

2. Pen knife or hot wire cutter ( )

3. Red marker

4. Black marker

Now gather all the parts and start working in a clean place.

Step 2: Design

Take the thermocol sheet and design the skull roughly but, you have to make it perfect later on.

Using a marker or sketch pen just draw the border lines so that you can visualize what's you are doing.

So, make The Skull and the Teeth part matching size to size .

Step 3: Cutting Part

So friends this is a pretty interesting part, and simple also, you just need to be patience.

Please don't rush in this step.

Here you can cut using a 'pen knife' or using a ''hot wire cutter'' , in my case i used knife.

But it is good to use a hot wire cutter as it really make everything simple for you.

( here above is a photo of a hot wire cutter from one instructable member Benne ).

Step 4: Make the Skull

After you cut the skull part, sand the edges and make it clean.

Now color the skull using red pen marker or Sketch pen, but marker would be better.

After that take the Black marker and give a blackish shade around corners and other specific areas as shown.

So, your skull is ready now.

Step 5: Make the Jaw Part

Now color the Jaw / teeth part in a dark color.

In my case i make it black so look nice and matches with my skull.

Also give a reddish shade as on picture.

Hence, the jaw part is completed.

Step 6: Final Touch

So, friends here is the finished product.

Now join the parts like picture showing and add it to your wall or gift someone who is a fan of hollywood.

Also you can put it in your wall or in your cabin as a beautiful craft.

Hope you have enjoyed and learnt something.

For any disscussion please comment below.

Thank you guys.



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