Introduction: Suit Apron!

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Hey!  fun way to upcycle an old suit that has no use anymore!

Great for dads who like to grill outdoors!

its a very simple project too!

Step 1: Supplies

First thing is to gather some supplies!

Sewing machine or by hand if you prefer
Thread with color that matches your suit
Old suit jacket

Step 2: Chalk It Up!

Follow the outside of your lapel just like shown in the picture and just make a swooping line down under the armpit.

This doesn't have to be perfect. We can cover up any mistakes with sewing and pinning.

After making your mark, measure out a 1/4 inch from the chalked line extended toward the sleeve. Then make a second chalked line. This is where you will cut the fabric, this gives you a seam edge to fold under and sew to for a nice, neat, closed edge.

The first line is the line you will follow with the sewing machine.

When you cut the suit make sure to just cut through the front of the jacket, leaving the sleeves attached to the backside.

We will use the sleeves to make the ties for the apron.

Step 3: Cut One Side Then Then Fold and Cut

Once you've cut one side you can then just fold the jacket in half  and chalk a line on the other side and cut it out.

Step 4: Behind the Collar

Make sure to chalk behind the collar about 1/2 inch away from the edge of the collar.

Step 5: Cut Out

This is what your cut out product should look like.

Make sure to cut up along the seams of the jacket then follow your chalked lines up and around the collar.

Once you have cut the front piece out make sure to go inside the jacket and pull out the stuffing in the upper portion of the jacket.

Then pin the seams shut. Just fold under a quarter of an inch and pin

Make sure to keep the front buttoned as well

Step 6: Remove Sleeves

after cutting the front pieces off, remove the sleeves from the back of the jacket.

The backside of the jacket will be used in making a Vest, or waist coat for another project! No need to let anything go to waste!

Step 7: Save the Buttons

Snip off the decorative buttons on the sleeves. We can use these later along with the back of the suit to make a waist coat.

Step 8: Apron Ties

Take the two sleeves and cut to long rectangles out, use an apron as a guide to see how wide and long you want the ties to be.

You will end up cutting out a long rectangle and folding it in half and sewing the open edge shut.

Next you will take a long stick and use it to turn the rectangle inside out.

Do the same for the second apron string

Step 9: Pin and Sew

I explained in the last step how to sew the apron ties.

Just make sure when you feed the fabric through the machine not to pull on it as it goes through, I found out that if you do the apron tie will twist like a strand of DNA and give your tie a funny look in the end.

Step 10: Add the Ties

Next you want to add the ties to the apron.

Measure your suit jacket up against an apron to see where you should add the ties

Simply pull the two layers of fabric apart and slide the end of a tie in and repin shut.

When you sew, you will sew right over the tie locking it into place.

Step 11: Pin and Stitch Front

When the front was buttoned up I felt there was too much room leaving the jacket wide open so I pulled it closed a little more and then pinned it, and sewed a lined down the middle.

I then reattached the buttons later just to add the decorative look back.

Step 12: Now Sew

Now just sew a 1/4 stitch around the entire suit and over the ties.

Step 13: Adjust

I then tried on the apron and noticed I cut the top to High so I just pinned in a triangle on each side to make the sides sit a little more flat.

Step 14: Done!

And there you have!  An apron refashioned from a suit!
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