Introduction: Suitcase Boom-Box

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This is my first instructible on here. There wont be pictures of the entire process because i made it and then realized i would put it on here. Ask questions if you don't understand my steps. Thanks and Enjoy 

Also i will have more detailed pics of the inside soon.

Step 1: Gather the Parts Needed

I already owned all the stuff needed to build this so it didn't cost anything.


 - Suitcase
-Computer Speakers w/ amplifier
- 4 ohm car speaker
-Poly Fil ( Teddy Bear Stuffing at Walmart)
-Electrical & Duct Tape
- Drills
-Cocking ( to seal off the car speaker)
-Wire Cutters
- Nuts & Bolts
-Soldering Iron & Solder
-Screw Driver

Step 2: Drill the Holes for the Car Speaker and the Computer Speaker

Basically i just drilled holes big enough to fit the car speaker and computer speakers which is why i had to use cocking...hahah

Step 3: Wiring and Mounting the Speakers

Now that you drilled the holes mount the car speaker and bolt that in and then tighten them with nuts. With my computer speakers i taped them in because their panel speakers. After that you want to extend your wires computer speakers so just use the speaker wire and extend both internal wires which mean - and +. When you have enough wire strip it and solder it to the connections on the speakers and the existing cable. Tape of with electrical tape. Now get the amplifier from the computer's subwoofer and mount it on the inside of the suitcase( I used duct tape). Then mount your volume control(it should be connected to a computer speaker) inside the suitcase. When the you do that plug it into the right plugin attached to the amplifier same for the other computer speaker.

Step 4: Making a Series(a Type of Circuit) With the Car Speaker and the Computer Subwoofer

When i say use a 4 ohm car speaker i mean it because most computer sub-woofers use 4 ohms.If you have different ohms the sound   quality becomes very bad and will have issues with volume fading. Now the wiring for the Series(circuit), begin by  finding the wire that originally would of been on the computer sub-woofer and un- solder it from the sub-woofer.Then solder speaker wire to the positive wire from the amp to the car speaker .Then solder wire from the negative lead of the car speaker into the positive of the computer sub-woofer. After that solder wire from the negative lead of the computer sub-woofer and connect it to the negative wire attached to the amplifier.Tape al.l connections with electrical tape,and make sure that its plugged into the sub-woofer

Step 5: Finishing Up the Project

Now drill a hole in the case big enough for the headphone jack wire which plugs into a port on the amplifier and for the power source wire which also plugs into the amplifier.Then run the wires though the hole and plug it all in.Tape the wires down and seal off the hole you make with cocking or duct tape.You now will cock around the seam where the car speaker meets the suitcase both external and internal.Let it cure and turn on the system.Plug in the headphone jack and play some music.If it all works just tape down the wires and add in the Poly Fil which allow for more sound and better bass.Finally secure your computer sub-woofer into the case anyway you want .And close up your suitcase and you know have a Suitcase Boom-Box. If you have any questions just leave a comment or message me.

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