Introduction: Sullivans Momentary LED Flashlight

My son Sullivan (5 years old) designed and built a small portable flashlight and wanted to share it with you. He uses a flashlight to check the closets and under the bed at night. He kept leaving the flashlight on and running the battery down so he came up with a flashlight that turns its self off.

Sullivan has been learning about electricity using a Snap Circuit kit and has has a lot of fun branching out.

Step 1: Project Overview

Simple press on release off flashlight used to check under the bed at night

Step 2: Parts List

1 x Momentary Switch

1 x 330 Ohm Resistor

1 x 3 volt White LED

1 x Battery Holder 2 AA

Test clips for prototyping

Tin or small box

Step 3: The Circuit

Starting from the positive (+) side of the battery attach your resistor. Attach the resistor to the long lead (+) side of the LED. From there, run a wire to the momentary switch and lastly connect the other end (-) of the battery. LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!!

Watch the video for full description of pats and wiring.

Step 4: Package It All Up

Depending on what you have around and if you were able to solder the wires in place or you are still using the test clips you can now put the whole project in a box. Carefully poke a hole for both the led and switch and you are ready to go.

We chose a small mint tin and Sullivan got to use some big kid tools to drill holes but a hole punch and amazon box works just as well.

Have fun!

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