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Introduction: Sultana Delight

Are you a sweet tooth person? Then this Sultana Delight dessert is exactly for you!

This is a very rich sweet dessert which my mum used to bake for special occasions.Since a couple of years I have been making this dessert for my friends for christmas lunch.Usually this recipe is made with sultanas.I have mixed with raisins as well . Serve this with Vanilla ice cream.

Step 1: Ingredients

4 Eggs

230 gr Dates

115 gr Raisins/ Sultanas mixed or just one of them

230 gr Sugar

1/2 Cup freshly grated coconut -Use measuring cup.

1 Cup butter cake or Bread crumbs (cake is much more tastier)

1 lime

400 ml milk

1 oz sugar

100 ml Water


Raisins are dried white grapes. They are dried to produce a dark, sweet fruit. The grapes used are usually Moscatel. Sultanas are also dried white grapes but from seedless varieties. They are golden in color and tend to be plumper, sweeter and juicier than other raisins.

Step 2: Beat Together

Beat well the egg yolks ,milk,sugar together until the sugar dissolves.

Crumble the butter cake with your finger tips add this and the finely grated coconut to the mixture.Mix all very well.

* Can use sponge cake too.

Step 3: Baking Step 1

Pour this mixture into a butterd pyrex dish. Use a glass / transparent dish so that you can see the layers.

Bake in a pre heated (200° C) oven for about 35-45 minutes until 80% - 90% done.The mixture should turn slightly brown in color and it has to set like jelly/Custard. But not fully done.

Step 4: Cook Dry Fruits

Chop dates into tiny pieces.Add 100 ml water and cook on slow fire until it becomes a bit soggy. At this point and sultana /raisins mix very well.Within a minute after mixing take of the fire.add lime juice mix and let it cool.

Step 5: Topping

Spread the dry fruit mix over the baked dish.See that the whole area is fully covered,flat and even.

Step 6: Froth Decoration

Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth adding the 1 oz sugar little by little.Using a piping bag ,with a star nozzle decorate on top and bake until golden brown.

Step 7: Done!

Thank you for taking time to read through.

Comments are most welcome!

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    7 years ago

    that sounds awesome


    7 years ago

    Froth = meringue :) looks interesting twist on what I make in the microwave.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Welcome! Have a great weekend.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Yummy in my tummy! This sounds fantastically delicious :-)