Introduction: Summer Igloo

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I tried this out after seeing Summer Igloo by Instructables user fungus amungus. I changed some things around, but all credit goes to him for the idea.

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need: a few jumbo garbage bags (6 in this case), some tape, some heavy objects, and a box fan. Note that a sheet will work in place of the garbage bags. Although since we wanted it to be larger, the sheet was not big enough.

Step 2: Put Together the Bags

Cut the bags along the side and bottom so that they unfold into a big sheet. Then arrange them all together into a bigger sheet. Use the tape to tape up all of the seams. We flipped ours over and taped all the back seams too. This produces a very large sheet of plastic.

Step 3: Tape to Fan...

Next, you need to tape one end of the plastic all around the box fan. Then you need to fasten the plastic to the ground. We tried to use duct tape, but the floor was too dirty, so it didn't stick. So, we found pieces of wood (2x4's should do) and other heavy objects to lay along the sides. It is important to keep some slack in the middle so that it can inflate.

Step 4: Be Cool

Turn on the fan and watch as it inflates! Depending on your entrance size, it will stay inflated. If it doesn't puff up very much, the scrunch up some of your entrance material and tape it so that the hole is smaller (refer to picture below).

Now you have a fun place to sit and read a book, play a game, or even sleep! It is pretty easy and a lot of cool fun!

Thanks to fungus amungus for the idea!