Introduction: Summit Snow Cone

Weather you're hiking, backpacking, or climbing, when you get to the top of a pass or a peak, it's time to celebrate!  But how??? Streamers don't seem appropriate and no one wants to haul up a cake.  If you've made it up to a noteworthy elevation, you probably have two things: a water bottle in your pack and snow nearby.  If it's a warm sunny day, then it's time for a refreshing snow cone.

Step 1: Supplies

Here's what you'll need:

A wide-mouth 1 liter water bottle
Around 12 oz of water (in said water bottle)
Powdered drink mix for 1 liter of water

Step 2: Check Your Water

For a snow cone, you'll want about 10-12 oz of water.  I did 16 oz for a Sierra Slurpee.

Step 3: Flavor It Up

Add your favorite powdered drink mix (enough to make 1 liter of deliciousness) and shake thoroughly.

Step 4: No Time Like Snow Time

Dig down a bit to get to clean snow.  Make sure you're gathering from a deep pack at high elevation.  Dirty brown snow is NOT chocolate flavored.

Pack in the snow and shake it up!  Some will melt when shaken, so pack the bottle full.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your tasty frozen treat!  Shake as needed to keep the snow from clumping, or use a spork.  Happy trails.

NOTE: I wouldn't recommend doing this with any old snow from your front yard if you're in a colder climate. This was done with snow from a mountain top at over 11,000 feet in an area of near pristine wilderness and next to no animal life. Always use your common sense and expertise. If you're worried about a little dirt in your drink, stick with delicious frozen treats from the freezer or tote along one of these nifty toys.