Sun Inspired Resin Art on an LP Record



Introduction: Sun Inspired Resin Art on an LP Record

I've been wanting to do some resin art for a while and I thought with both the space and trash to treasure contest going on that this was the perfect time to go for it. I used an old Igor Kipnis LP and some wood left over from a previous project and some LEDs to create this sun inspired piece.

Materials Needed:

  • Resin - you can get the same kind pictured at Michaels (be sure to go on-line and get the 40% off coupon they have most of the time)
  • Dyes; I used a mixture of acrylic paints and Pearl Ex powders.
  • Stir Sticks
  • Spray Paint
  • Old Record; I picked up some at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1.00
  • LEDs

Tools Needed:

  • Heat gun
  • Small torch
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Prepare the Record

To start I used a spray paint with a primer. This step may be unnecessary but I thought it may help the resin adhere evenly.

Once It's dry elevate it off your pouring surface ensuring that it remains level.

Step 2: Mix the Resin and Start to Pour

Note: Every resin is different please check your instructions for ratios and curing times.

For this resin you mix a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener. and mix throughly (four minutes)

Once mixed divide into your the cups with your chosen colors. (Practice different dyeing mediums with your resins before a final product. on my gold I added to much pearl ex and the mixture got too thick)

Carefully start to pour onto the record, i used my heat gun to help blend the colors and move the resin to the edges.

I then used a stir stick to create some designs.

Once I was happy with with I quickly ran the torch over it to pop any bubbles.

Step 3: Create the Background

For my background I had a piece of leftover plywood that was mostly square so I just used that, you could even use something like a poster board if you had the right backer board to mount the record on.

I started with a base of Metallic Galaxy paint and then used some white paint to create some effects.

I slide the brush across my hand so that it would make small star like drips.

Then I flicked the brush hard to make some streaks.

Just do what you think feels right.

Step 4: Add LEDs and Mount to the Board.

I only had these string LEDs on hand so I used these, but in the future i'll replace them with LED strips that have a remote.

I placed the controller inside a piece of hollow-core door I had left over and then wrapped the strings around it. This serves two purposes: one, it provides something to wrap the LEDs around, and two provides a sense of depth perception for the piece.

Once the LEDs were in place I used hot melt glue to mount it to my background and it's held up really well.

Step 5: Enjoy

You should be able to display this wherever you want at this point. I'd love to see pictures of anyone who tries this, and as always let me know if you have any questions and i'll be sure to get back to you.

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