Introduction: Sun Jar: Color MOD

Do you have a white LED Sun-Jar and you...

Don't know how to solder?
Don't want to invest in a soldering kit and colored LEDs?
Want some adjustable coloring for your Sun-Jar?
Free for 5 minutes?

Then this simple Sun-Jar Mod is for you !!!

Step 1: No SunJar? Sun Jar 101.

What you Need:

Jar ($2.99 @ IKEA)
Solar / LED device from solar walk-way light (~$5.00)
Tracing Paper (~ $4.00, 9"x12" 50 sheets)
Scissors (household item - couple of bucks)
Highlighter (household item - couple of bucks)
Tape (household item - couple of bucks)

What you do:

Large cut of tracing paper is taped with the tape inside
Color the medium cut of tracing paper
Color the small cut of tracing paper

Step 2: The Color Mod

Add the large tracing paper into the jar
Tape the solar panel / LED device onto the lid of the jar
Wrap the medium tracing paper around the LED and tape it
Fold the small tracing paper and cap off the medium tracing paper
Close the jar

Step 3: Finish

Turn off the lights, and enjoy your newly colored Sun-Jar!!!