Introduction: Sun Melted Broken Crayons

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☆(Project for a hot sunny day (95°+))☆


• crayons
• a wooden mallet or tenderizer or food can; (to smash the crayons in to smaller pieces).
• a small plastic bag of any kind ( to contain the crayon while your smashing them).
• any size plate of any material on hand
• aluminum foil (enough to cover your plate).
• cookie cutters (to fill with crayon pieces).

Step 1:

Take any paper off of the crayons with your fingers.

Step 2:

Break up the broken crayons into smaller pieces with a wooden mallet or tenderizer or food can (Small pieces melt easier

Step 3:

Take the plate you will be using and cover the top of it with aluminum foil. Set cookie cutters on the foil coverd plate.

Step 4:

Add the broken pieces of crayons; fill cookie cutters just to the very top of the cookie cutter.

Step 5:

Place the plate outside in a sunny area (95°+ day). Let them sit in the sun for 3 to 5 hours ( crayons may melt out from underneath the cookie cutters. If his happens, bring inside and add more pieces of crayons to the top of the cookie cutters once more).

Step 6:

Take plate with melted crayons inside to cool.

Step 7:

Once cooled, you should now be able to push the new crayon shapes you created out of the cookie cutters.

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