Sun Sigil Dark Souls |CNC+Laser|




Introduction: Sun Sigil Dark Souls |CNC+Laser|

You will learn the steps on how to craft the sun sigil from Dark Souls. Its cool to have but has no practical use.

Step 1: Sun Sigil CNC + Laser

First get onto CorelDRAW and use this picture to get your template

Step 2:

To make it easier i got a template with no face because you will engrave the face with the laser engraver. This template is for the cnc cut

Step 3: Board Pre-CNC Router

For this part of the project get board

-1/2" thick

-no smaller than 8.5" by 11"

-paint red(darkish red)

Step 4:

Note:Ignore face drawn by cnc, this was a mess up.

Circle on face is now complete

Work on painting the circle yellow

Step 5: Final Product

Now that you have the sun shape, circle, and paint done, you can laser engrave the face using your previous CorelDRAW file with the sun face

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    Question 3 years ago

    What kind of CNC machine did you use for this project?