Introduction: SunShield

This project contains a little wheater station and automatic curtains. For this project you need


- mcp3008
- 2X lm35
- PCF857 (I2C)
- Rain sensor
- DC motor
- L293D
- Rqspberry pi

Step 1: Connect

First things first. Connect every component correctly. The images show you how to do this.

Step 2: Create a Database

Next up is creating a database. for creating a database we use mysqlWorkbench. I made mine using forward engineering. This means that you start by making an entity relationship diagram before you start making your database. When you are done creating your database, you have to make a dumpfile out of the database. When foreward enineering, it's possible that you have to change some things in the dumpfile. In this youtube video I guide you through the process of making a dump and exporting it to your raspberry pi.

Step 3: The Housing

The next thing you want to do is brainstorming about how you wil realise your project. What materials you want to use for example. I chose mine to be in wood because It's easy to work with. I include a picture of my scetches. I provided a litle box on the side where you can put your rasperry pi and access jumperwires.

Step 4: Backend

Our database is up and running, so now we can start creating the backend. We need a backend so we can make connection with our database. In the backend we make a dataRepository. In the DataRepository we write our routes. This is an example of a route.

Step 5: Frontend

The next thing we want to do is brainstorm about our website design. First I took a pen and a paper and starter scetching my ideas. after that I tried to make them in adobe XD. I show you some examples.

When the wireframes were ready, I tried to fill them in with color. I lixe and matched until I found the colors I liked.

Next thing I did was recreating everything in html an css.

Step 6: Javascript

next thing to do is making sure every button does it's job. this means javascript. I also used javascript to process some of the data.

Step 7: End Result

when everything works as it should, I put my electronics into my wooden window. This is the end result.