Introduction: Suncatcher

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All you need to make this fun sun catcher is some good quality, thick acetate paper, glass paints and embellishments. The project is suitable for children too, as it’s so easy to make.

Step 1: Trace Pattern

Cut a circle from acetate using your die-cutting machine or just use a bowl to trace it and cut it with the scissors. Pick your favourite pattern to copy on the acetate paper using some good tacky glue.

Step 2: Leave to Dry

Leave pattern to dry. The tacky glue will dry clear.

Step 3: Colour

Colour using glass paints.

Embellish, attach a piece of leather trim and you’re done.

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    Answer 2 years ago

    I used the 12"x12" Papermania Clear Acetate pack, which was quite thick. It just needs to keep its shape and not be very bendy.


    2 years ago

    this came out so cute! I really liked the edging you used too!