Introduction: Sunflower Head Hanger

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This can be a long project if you don't already have sunflowers. If this is a project you want to do you need to grow a bunch of sunflowers or know where to find them. Once you have mature heads, cut them off from the stalk using a pruner and put them in a dry place to dry. Be aware that mice like sunflowers and could be attracted to your easy buffet.


Heavy string, twine or cord

Knife or scissors to cut the string etc.

Dry sunflower heads

Step 1: The Process

How much string is needed depends on where you will hang the sunflower and how large the head is. The head should be, perhaps, 5 feet off the ground to discourage cats.

Measure 8-12 feet of string and cut it there. Gather the cut ends in one hand to form a large loop. With the other hand take the other end of the loop and put it with the two gathered ends. Tie all four strands with a simple knot. Call this end the top. Straighten the strands and make another knot at the other end, the bottom.

Insert the dry head, stem down, into the strands and move them so there is one strand at each quadrant. You may want to wear gloves to do this because the dry head may have a lot of sharp parts.

Hang the head where you can watch the birds as they land on the head and remove the seeds. It may take a few days for the birds to realize that it is another place to eat. Enjoy one of nature's shows.