Introduction: Sunflower Light

In this project, we are going to show you how to make an L.E.D lamp with a twist. The twist is that it can be mounted either on the wall or hung from the ceiling. This tutorial is the first in a group of upgrade steps. this build will be the base for the next 3 upgrades.


Supplies needed:

  1. 3d printer
  2. 1/4 20 screws - 3/4" long need 32 of them
  3. 1/4 20 nuts - need 32 of these as well
  4. Led white strips
  5. Power Adapter
  6. wire
  7. soldering Iron
  8. Hot Glue

Step 1: What You Need.

Let us start with what you need, grab the files for 3dprinting from Thingiverse by searching sunflower lamp or here

Make sure you have a printer large enough if you do not have one large enough you can scale down the size in your slicer. Now lets warm up those printers. the settings we used were a .2 layer height and a 15% infill. we are using Esun PETG at a temperature of 245. Once you have to files load them up in your slicer program and have your settings set to print out your parts You will need to print out

8 - Pedals

8 - Brackets

1 - Center

Step 2: Assembly

Gather your parts and hardware to assemble this lamp

the pedals are designed to only fit together one way.

Screw all the brackets to the pedals and tighten down the nuts, now you can attach the pedals to the centerpiece and should feel pretty solid.

Step 3: Wiring

Now you need to grab your led strip and cut strips long enough to evenly spread the light.

We used a light that has the plug already connected made it easier to connect the power adapter. If you don't have a strip with the adapter already soldered on then you will need to find an adapter plug to solder on. We used the glue gun to hold the led strips in place and to take the stress off the adapter.

Step 4: Time to Enjoy

The best place for this is to hang from the ceiling and will provide good accent light or the main light. you can buy a led strip controller will help with the brightness of the unit

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