Introduction: Sunflower Seed Holder for Baseball/Softball

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I got tired of always having extra bags of sunflower seeds laying around, or losing the bags, or finding them and having them be stale. I searched everywhere and could not find any homemade devices, so I made my very own sunflower seed tube to bring to the softball field and hang from the fence. I also added a bungee cord to make it easier to carry. You can paint years anyway you want, I chose to painted in Green Bay Packers' colors.

Step 1: Supplies

4" PVC PIPE 2 4" end caps PVC Primer and Sealant Spray Paint (for Plastic) 2 Eyelet Bolts with lock nut/washer. Bungee cord (a little shorter match length of PVC) Metal coat hanger (to be used upside down to hook on a chain link fence).

Step 2: Cut Pipe

Cut the PVC pipe to the desired length. I chose 2' of 4" pipe and had it cut for me at our local Ace Hardware.

Step 3: Attach PVC End

You may want to screw in and bolt the eyelet screw in the top center of the cap now as it may be to hard to reach later (depending on your length of pipe). Prime one cap and one end of PVC. Use sealant to permanently attach the ONE end cap.

Step 4: Paint (if Desired)

I used paint specific to plastic. I also used painters tape to add stripes and some lettering.

Step 5: Attach Second Eyelet Screw

Attach another eyelet screw to the other PVC and cap. Centered on the top. This will make the final connection for a bungee cord.

Step 6: Fill With Seeds!

Unless you need to do some tailoring for your own uses, you should be ready to fill it with sunflower seeds. We choose "Giants", they are made next door in North Dakota, are huge seeds, and they sponsor our Minnesota Twins.

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