Introduction: Sunglass Holder by ZepLabs

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I have always been an "one-pair-of-sunglasses-at-a-time" kind of person. Having them on my head during most of the day, if not always. Yep, my sunglases are the world to me! Just until I lose them,break them,scratch them to death! Then I buy another pair that suits my needs and taste and the story goes on...

But we all know women dont work that way! Some have a ton of them laying around and just making a mess..

So it occured to me..

I 'd make a special Sunglass Stand for a special girl.

All i needed was :

-A board of hardwood suiting my needs(I used pine wood)

-A drill and some drill bits

-A detailing saw(You can find one easily at your local hardware store)

-A soldering iron(just to burn some drawings. Remember we have to make it look good!)

-Some wood glue

-One or two afternoons of your spare time and an idea!

Take a look of the process at the video above and

happy crafting!