Introduction: Sunglasses 3D Printed

I had a lot of these broken sunglasses at home where I saved the lenses for further projects.

When my actual one also broke I thought why not trying to print my own.

I found out that all the lenses I have are the same size. So I guess it is a common type of lense.

When you also have some of these lense types, I provide the STL files on Thingiverse, so you can skip the next step and start with the print.

Step 1: Design the Frame

Take a picture of your lenses with a ruler or similar to provide some measurements to calibrate.

Load your picture in your favourite 3D design tool (I use Fusion 360) and calibrate it to it's correct size using two points of the ruler.

Design the frame arround the lenses.

I printed the middle layer of the frame just 3 layers and tried if the lenses fit inside.
If not, make some adjustments that it almost fits.

Complete the design of the frame. Also keep an eye of the design, that i can be printed without supports. I used some roundings on the indentation, so the printer does not print in the air.

Step 2: Print the Frame

The frame is designed laying flat on the print surface. So there is no need for supports.

I printed these with 0,2mm layer height 100% Infill with white PLA.

Step 3: Shaping

Lay the frame onto the workbench and heat it with the heatgun.

Provide the heat evenly until the material gets soft.

Now you can put your lenses in and form it to your wanted shape.

There is not much time until the material is hard again.

If you are too slow, you can provide again some heat and form the frame until you are satisfied.

With the lenses in place be careful with the heating process to not damage your lenses.

Step 4: Shaping Again

Now you can put the earpieces in place. I used a trimmed nail for the hinges.

After the assembly, use the heat gun again to shape the earpieces.

let it cool down and try if it fits your head.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied.