Introduction: Sunny Side Up

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This is an easy twist to the traditional sunny side up, making them is not only easy but also very appealing to the eyes. I have tried to bring the spring with its lovely colour to the breakfast table.

Serve it with toast or just by itself and its bright contrasting color will grab your guests attention.

You are sure to get lot of applauds, its easy and done in less than 10 minutes of total cooking time.

Step 1: What Is Needed

Bell Pepper/Capsicum - One of each color.( I have used red, yellow and orange. One can also use green bell pepper or a large onion as a moldand cut it into circle to make a onion ring ).



Pepper or Hungarian Paprika.

Olive Oil or Butter.

Blue Berry and Basil for Decoration (optional).

Step 2: Process

1. Cut the bell pepper in circular shape half inch in thichness. (Use a paring knife to clean our the center of the bellp pepper ring)

2. Heat the pan on the cooking range. Add 2 spoon of oil and spread it over the pan. Reduce the heat to medium

3. Now I added the 3 bellpepper rings. I use one of each color.

4. Carefully crack the egg so that the yoke is intact and not broken, inside the bellper pepper ring. Press the ring down so that the egg white does not flow out. If it does its is perfectly ok, dont worry. We will remove the excess eggwhite later. Sprinkle Salt as needed and dab a little black pepper on the center of the yoke

5. Cover the pan for 5 min with its lid. When I do this the bellpepper gets cooked and so also the botton of the sunny side up.

6. Use a spatual to remove the excess eggwhite from outside the ring.

7. Now use a very thin and flat spatula to lift the sunny side up egg from the pan into a serving plate.

Use blue berry and basil leaf to decorate.

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