Super Bright Torch! Rechargeable!




Introduction: Super Bright Torch! Rechargeable!

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Hi Friends, Today we will Make a Powerfull and Long Lasting Torch.And... It's Rechargeable too! 

Step 1: Parts Needed

Parts Needed for this Project :-
1.Li-ion 3.7v Battery
2.1N4007 Zener Diode
3. (2) 5mm Led's
4. (1) 10mm Led
5. (1)5mm Blue Led
6. DC Jack
7. Switch
8. Lighter
9. Glue Stick and Soldering Iron
10. 220 Ohms Resistor

Step 2: Designing Layouts for Cutting/Melting Plastic

As i was not having drill so i did through a Cheap method, that just heat up your skrewdriver and Melt the plastic thus making a perfect Hole :D. I Prefer Drill for those who want Clean Holes.

Just Make Sure that You Drill/Melt a Big Hole for Big Led.

Step 3: The Schematic

So Here is the Schematic Pretty Simple.
Donot Forget About the Zener Diode Which will Mostly Prevent the back flow from battery.

*Warning* - There is a LOT of RISK in charging the Batttery Directly from the 5v Mobile wall Charger so,Be Careful and I will NOT be Responsible if any Wrong Thing Happens.

Don't Forget that the Charging Time of Battery should be only be 50 min when it is empty and charged Directly From 5v Wall Mobile Charger.Otherwise Batttery could Explode if Over - Charging is Done.

Step 4: Hot Gluing and Soldering

Now Hot Glue All the Parts and Connect Wires Acording to the Schematic. After this it is optional to hot glue the bare Wire to Seal them.

I Used Lighter to Melt the Glue Stick (if you have an hot glue machine then do with it :P)

Step 5: Fully Assembled!

Step 6: Black Taping All Sides to Seal It

You can use Spray paint but it should be done before Making so to save some money i used Black Tape.

Step 7: Testing the Brightness!

Because of the Big Led It Gives Very much Brightnesss.

Pocket Torch for Everybody which is Simple and can be made by Anyone!
Just 7 Easy Steps :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Just wanted to point out that your battery may explode.

    li ion batteries or lipo batteries should not be charged over 4.30v and not charged with more than dc 5v adapter.

    or may explode or catch fire. So be careful with what adapter you charge it with and how much volts you charge it to!

    Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I know it bro... :P i used a 5v mobile charger to charge it.

    Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    9 years ago

    Yeah this is correct - 80 Lumens

    Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    9 years ago

    Hi saw90,
    I Dont, have that much knowledge but i used a online Calculator which Gives me - 47 Lumens


    9 years ago

    would you have an estimate of how many lumens?