Rainbow Loom Super-Cute Puppy Charm!!!




Introduction: Rainbow Loom Super-Cute Puppy Charm!!!

Make it and Enjoy it!!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!!!

~ crochet hook/ loom hook
~ orange, black and white bands
~ a loom
~ a happy mood :D

Step 2: The Framework!!!

First, make sure the arrow is facing away from you. Get just one band and place it across the top of the loom above the arrow like in picture 2. Take two bands like in picture 3, and place them on top of one another diagonally on the left side. Do the same for the right side. Now, take two bands place them on top of each other on both of the left and right sides and do this one more time like in picture 5. Place two more bands diagonally at the bottom of the frame completing the first part of the frame. Start at the arrow with two more bands and place them down until you reach the end of the frame. Do this down the center like in picture 5.

Step 3: Twist and Cap!!

Take one single rubber band and twist it once or twice. Carefully place it at the end of the frame. Do NOT skip this part! It is one of the most important parts! It keeps the frame together!!

Step 4: The Ears!!

Get seven white bands and seven orange bands. Take one of your white bands and twist it around the hook four times. Put two bands on the end of your hook. Pull the four looped band over the two bands. Try not to pull the twisted one off the two bands. Take the loose end of the two bands and carefully pull it onto the hook. (Pull that onto two more bands.) Repeat the sectioned part until you don't have anymore white bands. Do the exact steps for the orange ear. In the end, your pattern should look like the last photo. Good Job!!

Step 5: Eyes and Nose!!!

Get two bands and put them on the hook. Twist them both four times together and put a white band on the end. Pull the twisted black bands onto the white band and pull it off the hook. Take one side of the white band and place it on one of the bottom two pegs at the base of the frame. Take the other side of the white band and place it on the opposite peg of the other side of the white band. It should look like photo 4. That will be the nose! Now, twist one black band four times around your hook and push it up and out of your way. Twist one more band four times and put a white band on the end of your hook. Pull both bands onto the white band and place one side of the white band onto one of the two middle pegs and do the same for the other side of the white band. Separate the two black bands and pull a part of the white band to the peg above it, forming a triangle. If you are confused, examine the last photo. Good Job!! The hard part is next so do your best!!

Step 6: Pulling the Bands!! (Good Luck!!)

Here comes the difficult part! Don't worry, I know you can do it! Ok are you ready? Good! Let's get a move on! Look at photo 1. Put your hook through the last peg and go under the capping band and grab the first two bands. It should go on the peg right in front of the peg you are working on. Go through the same peg again and get the first two bands under the capping band again and put it where it belongs. Do the same for the last band under the cap.
In the end, it should look like photo 3. Now, go straight down the center and start pulling bands from the bottom of pegs until you get to the top of the head. Do the same for both sides of the head only stop once you get to the ears. Now, go under the white ear and grab the two bands at the very bottom and pull them diagonally to the center top peg. Do the same with under the orange ear. There should be a untouched band at the top. At the top of the head, reach down into that peg and pull a single band from the bottom and carefully put it onto the very first peg. Move to the next step to finish!

Step 7: Tie the Bands and Pull It Off!!

On the first peg, take off both parts of the white band and pull the bottom part through the top part. This will make a slip knot! Time to remove your charm! Take your hook and carefully remove your dog! Finished! Show it off to your friends and family!

Step 8: Finale!!

I hope you had as much fun as I did creating this charm, and I would be grateful for your honest feedback and support! If you had a problem, feel free to ask in the comments below. This was my own design created by me, so if you have any ideas, I will be happy to try to make it happen! Thanks for viewing and enjoy your charm!

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6 years ago

The dog is soooo cute ?


6 years ago

My friends' daughter was just telling me about these the other day! This is really cute :)