Introduction: Super Duper Slip and Slide

Every kid needs a slip and slide. I think it's a law in PA, but I'll have to look that up. My boys have destroyed a few of the cheap ones and the commercial grade slides are way too expensive. After a quick internet search I found a great DIY solution and decided to make my own. With a few changes of course. Save your money and spend a few minutes to make a much longer, less expensive and more durable slip and slide.

Step 1: Materials

This is a very simple build. All you need is

1 - Roll of 10 x 100 plastic sheet

30 - Pool noodles from the dollar store.

1 - Roll duct tape

1 - Hose and water

30 minutes of your time.

I know not many people will have a sledding ramp to use but any sloped backyard will do.

WARNING: As with any slip and slide you need to check the sliding area for rocks, holes and any sharp objects before sliding.

Step 2: The Build

Simply lay out the sheet and tape down the noodles.

I evenly spaced 13 noodles on each side with 3 strips of duct tape for each. Leave a few inches between each noodle to help fold it up later. Find a crease in the sheet to help you follow a straight line. I chose to make the slide 5 feet wide, which worked out well with the creases.

After you get each side taped down, fold over the extra sheeting and tape down the center. Leave a bit extra at the top and bottom for doubling up and a splash area.

Flip it over and you are done. The noodles really make the slide. They keep the water AND kids inside. Even on slightly sloped yards they work great.

After the first time using this slide we realized that even with soap the kids can't make it 100 feet on flat ground and a splash pool/stopping area was a must. I cut the slide down to 50 or so feet and made a splash area from 3 noodles taped together at the end and 1 in the front as seen in the picture.

Spread out some of the left over sheeting as an overrun area. You know someone is going to go past the splash pool and being covered in grass is not fun.

Step 3: Slip,slide and Clean Up

Now give your slide a quick wet down and setup your sprayer any way you want. I was going to build a long pvc spraying contraption or get a drip hose. However, the kids really like just spraying the hose so nothing fancy was needed. We held the slide down at the top with 2 bags of topsoil folded into the extra sheeting, but you can try stakes or anything you have.

Clean up is easy. Just let the slide dry and fold it up into noodle length sections. I wouldn't leave it out more than a day or so or your grass will die.

Bonus. As you can see from the pictures we ran the slide down our sledding ramp, which made it way more fun. Also add a little dish soap to really speed things up.

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Instructable. Now put down that flimsy 20 foot slide from Walmart and make a super duper slip and slide your kids will love.

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