Introduction: Super EZ Spice Racks

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Hi team! Hunter here. If you are, like me, somewhat lazy but also enjoy feeling a sense of accomplishment, then is THIS the project for you! The Super EZ Spice Rack takes no time to cut out in CNC, and it's so easy to assemble that you can do it after a couple of glasses of wine, or in the middle of the night (without bothering your neighbors/housemates/warden).

The design files are also SUPER easy to modify in SketchUp, so you can tweak them to fit whatever your space needs. The set in the pictures were modified to fit well under cabinets in an apartment kitchen.



- Free design files from here

- 18mm pine

- CNC router (table as small as 1' by 2')

Other Considerations:

- Space: No more than your CNC table takes

- Noise: No more than your CNC table makes

- Smell: Sawdust. Mmmmmm.

- Time: Time to set up & run CNC + 30-90 seconds to assemble

There are obviously a TON of ways to finish these - check in soon for our guide to laser etching designs onto your finished project!

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces

These Spice Racks are optimized for CNC routers. Download the free design files here.

(Despite what we were just saying about the wine, of course you should always CNC sober.)

You'll end up with three shelf pieces with dug-outs and two brace pieces.

Step 2: Slide to Assemble

Stand one of your brace pieces up so that the rounded corners are up and the square corners are down.

Slide a shelf piece into the notch in the brace. Repeat on the other side of the shelf. Repeat for the other two shelves.

Pat yourself on the back and pour yourself another glass of wine - you completed a project! And a handsome one at that.