Super Easy 5 Min Hot Chocolate Made With Real Chocolate




Introduction: Super Easy 5 Min Hot Chocolate Made With Real Chocolate is as it says in the title basicly. How to make hot chocolate with real chocolate, and the best part, you can use your favourite chocolate it doesnt have to be a specific make or percent. 

Read on to reveal the secret recipe ;-)

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Chocolate - this can be your favourite chocolate ever, or the nearest chocolate you have at hand. I used both, i love cadbury, and its                      all i have in the house hehe. Feel free to use any chocolate you want, Cadbury, Galaxy, Green and blacks 70%, 80%, or even 90%, truthfully never tryed it with dark chocolate but if you do post a comment please

2. Milk - now just like the chocolate i used what i had, plain full fat milk. I dont know if youll get different results with semi skimmed milk, skimmed milk, goats milk, or even soy milk, again please comment and let me know =)

3. Your favourite mug

4. cocoa powder - not entirely needed to be honest

Step 2: Add to Your Pan

1. Pour the milk from the carton into your mug and then from the mug into the pan, this makes sure you only use the milk you need, none wasted.

2. once in the pan, add your chocolate, in my case, owl and monkey.

3. start up the cooker and keep stirring so the chocolate doesnt stick and burn to the bottom of the pan.

Step 3: Add More If Needed

Add more chocolate if you think it needs it, just taste it, but remember its more kinda...diluted, in the pan because the chocolates spread throughout the whole pan, when you pour it into a mug it becomes more chocolatey.

i added a bag of cat which i think overdone it a bit to be honest, i like chocolatey hot chocolate but this was just a wee bit too much, so beware =D

Step 4: When to Finish

I heated the milk until it boiled because there was still buttons that wernt melted, but even then it wasnt enough when i poured the contents of the pan into the mug it looked like an entire packet of buttons was left in the pan, but there was more than enough chocolate in the milk to still taste fantastic.

just a picture of what i had in the pan when i decided to stop, loads of wee bubbles on the surface because it boiled, so its not actualy that white.

Step 5: Pour Into Mug and Drink

Simply pour into your mug from step 2

add 'skooshy' cream if desired, sprinkle with cocoa powder, add mini marshmallows, do whatever you want to make it spectacular.

The way i see this instructable is that, although its a step by step on how to make hot chocolate, its more of an idea-ible of making hot chocolate with proper chocolate instead of powder, spice it up your way and make it your own, and have fun !

Thanks for reading, Jamie P

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    The part where u say its more diluted.. Is wrong the amount of milk and choc is the same despite the pan u use be it 5ltr 1mug it tastes the same. But it may taste different due to the material type ie stone copper etc so going from a copper pan to a China cup will have slightly different edge sorry to point it out


    6 years ago

    I made it with Nestle Dark Choclate.
    Tastes so damn good, thank you so much.
    Sharing this on my cooking page.


    6 years ago

    I haven't made it yet but it's the best so far that I have read. Thank you so much. I will come by again when I've made it :)


    7 years ago on Step 5

    I made it with Almond milk and 70% chocolate to taste, Delicious healthy version!