Introduction: Super Easy Dog (or Cat) Ice Cream

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Step 1: Have You.....

First off, have you ever gone into the freezer isle at the super market, looking for a cool treat for your poor, hot, ever loving dog, seen the prices, and dumped the idea down the drain? Well, I've been there, done that. This doggy ice cream will barely cost you over 2$, and so without further adieu, let us begin!

Step 2: Lets Make!

Ok, so like I said earlier, 2$ in other words, Ingredients) 1 can of your dogs favorite gravy dog food, Milk, That's it. Really. Utensils) Bowl, Fork, Cupcake pan (mini or standard, depending on your dogs size, I just used a cake pan with wrappers, but cupcake pans are easier), Cupcake wrappers (same size as your pan)

Step 3: The How To

Mix your whole can of dog food with about half of the dog food can filled with milk. Mix well until milk has blended with gravy. Pour into wrapper lined cupcake pans and freeze until solid! To serve, peel away wrapper and let your doggy dig in! I suppose you could substitute cat food for dog food if you want to feed this to a cat, tell me if it works for cats too. PLEASE comment! Enjoy!