Introduction: Super Easy Robotic Car

to start off this project here are the things you will need.

- 4 bottle caps

- 4 XL popsicle sticks

- 3 large popsicle sticks

- 16 mini hair elastics

- scissors

- hot glue gun

- 2 thin wooden rods (I used food skewers)

- 1 motor

- 1 battery pack that holds 2 batteries

- 2 straws

Step 1:

hot glue the popsicle sticks together. first put the four largest popsicle sticks in a row and the hot glue the three smaller ones to the back to stick them all together.

Step 2:

cut the straws to the same size as the width of the car and then glue them to the back of the car on the same side as the glued on popsicle sticks. then put the thin wooden rods through the straws and cut them so they are sticking out off the sides about 3 cm out on each side.

Step 3:

cut out small squares of cardboard and poke them onto the ends of the skewers, push them inward so that there is 4 mm between the body of the car and the cardboard squares, after the squares are in place you hot glue the back of them to the skewers (the part facing the opposite direction of the body), now once you have done that on BOTH SIDES you can glue wheels on the car with the bottle caps that are all the same size, then put small elastic bands around the wheels (my recommendation is four or more on each wheel)

Step 4:

now that we are done with the body of the car its time to start with the electricals put a small rubber band around the skewer right next to one of the back wheels then use the motor to grab the side of the rubber band and stretch it out in the direction of the front of the car, hot glue the motor to the body of the car, glue another cardboard square to the tip of the motor to keep the rubber band from falling off.

Step 5:

then grab your battery connecter and attach the wires from it onto the metal bar on the motor

Step 6:

then add batteries and your done.