Introduction: Super Easy Sleep Mask

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Recycle that old fleece vest or top into a super easy and comfy eye mask!

Very useful for sleeping during the long summer days in the north, or for anyone who prefers a dark environment for sleeping or naps. Great for travelling.

Step 1: Cut Fleece and Elastic

Cut a 12" X 4" piece of fleece - either new fabric or recycled from an old item of fleece clothing. Cut the corners so the ends are rounded.

Cut a 15" piece of thin elastic (about 3/8" wide).

Step 2: Sew Elastic to Fleece

Turn down about 1/2" on one end of the elastic, and sew this piece to one end of the fleece, with the short edge tucked under. No need to do any more sewing - fleece does not fray so the edges do not need finishing.

If you don't have a sewing machine, you could hand sew this, or just use a safety pin to attach.

Step 3: Pin Elastic to the Other End and Enjoy!

Try on the mask and adjust the length of the elastic until it is comfortable. Safety pin in place.

You can leave the safety pin in place and use the mask as is, which allows you to adjust it later if your needs change or if the elastic stretches in the wash. If you prefer, sew the elastic to the fleece as in step 2.

Sweet dreams!

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