Introduction: Super Easy Yummy Microwave Potato Chips

Have you ever craved some delicious potato chips, or just a little bit of salty goodness, but not wanted to go to the store to buy anything? Then this recipe is for you! I have perfected the art of microwave potato chips perfectly and in this instructable I will share it with you! Enjoy!


1. A potato, any kind

2. Any vegetable oil

3. Salt

4. Seasoning

5. A microwave safe plate* (a paper plate is best)

6. A large knife**

7. Something to brush the oil on the potatoes.

8. A microwave

* if you don't have a paper plate make sure you spray your regular microwave safe plate with cooking spray to prevent the chips from sticking to the plate.


Step 1: Cut the Potato

The first thing you want to do is take your large, stable knife(if you are an adult) and slice the potato as thin as you can. if you cut it too think the chips will not be kwispyyyy.

Step 2: Soak the Potatoes

Next take your potato slices and put them in a bowl with enough water to cover them completely. Then just let them soak in the water for 5-10 minutes. This step is important because it gets rid of the starch in the potatoes. If you leave the starch the chips will be tough and chewy. After 5-10 minutes, drain the potatoes in a sink and rinse them a couple times with more water to get all of the excess starch.

Step 3: Dry the Potatoes

Now you are going to place your potatoes on some paper towel, or a clean kitchen towel and simply pat them dry, pressing gently.

Step 4: Season the Potatoes

After drying, assemble your potatoes on the plate, brush them lightly with oil, sprinkle them with salt and your optional seasoning(I used Italian garlic blend). Then flip all of the slices and repeat on the other sides.

Step 5: Cook

Now, to cook your chips you must cook them in the microwave in ONE MINUTE INCREMENTS, and you must let the microwave air out for a couple seconds between each minute, or you will burn your chips. All microwaves are different in power, so mine took 4 one minute increments, but yours might take longer or shorter. You MUST do the increments or you will burn the chips and they smell really bad when they're burnt. When your chips are a medium- dark brown they are done.

Step 6: Eat and Enjoy!

Congratulations! you have made your very own yummy potato chips! enjoooooy!!! :D

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